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InterContinental Music Awards 2021 winners Announced

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InterContinental Music Awards, the most cultural and inclusive music and songwriting contest in Los Angeles announced today the 2021 winners!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- The InterContinental Music Awards announced today the 2021 winners

It has been a difficult and challenging year, particularly for the music industry but InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) has received so many tracks from around the globe in different genres by brilliant talents, and is immensely proud to be able to continue this journey and do what it set out to achieve. “Ever since the organization's inception in 2011, we have recognized and rewarded musicians and musical artists worldwide for their hard work and have helped them take their career to the next level.“ Said ICMA’s Founder and Executive Director Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi.

This year’s submissions are reviewed, evaluated and chosen by a panel of judges who are Hollywood music executives and industry’s professionals with lots of experience in the international market including veteran musicians, composers, journalist, music supervisors and industry professionals who are affiliated with the, GRAMMYS, Eurovision, Netflix, Sony and more.

Based on their rating, here are the ICMA 2021 winners:

Best of Asia: - Rameez Anwar (Asian Classical) - Shiha Zikir, Ezra Kong, Ikmal Fareeq & Todak Music (Asian Pop)

Best of Middle East: - Amir Hossein Nouri (Middle Eastern Pop)

Best of Europe: - ELATRASI (Ballad) - Julie Ludgate (Pop) - Morgendust, Marco de Haan & Iwan Blokzijl (European Rock)

Best of North America: - Austin Hopkins (Country) - Becca Wonka (Disco Funk) - Cayla Brooke & Michael Creber (Jazz) - Cory Young, Amira Gadd & Bek Salamov (American Roots) - Eytan Ribner (Adult Contemporary) - Jacquelyn Wells (Pop) - Jason Tonioli & John Knudson (Contemporary Instrumental) - JoJo Worthington, (Alternative) - Lisa Mitts & Brandon Bee (Gospel/Contemporary Christian) - Tracy Cruz (R&B)

Best of South America: - Johnny Flores Roach, Trinidad Gutierrez & Raniero Palm (Latin Pop) - Leonardo Garcia (Salsa)

Best of Australia: - Studeo, Christine Stork & Jeremy Stork (Australasian Jazz)

Best of Pangea: - Andrea Montalbano (Classic) - Davide Caprelli (Film Score) - Jon Altham, Pia Toscano & Matthew Postlethwaite (Soundtrack) - Sangeeta Kaur & Peter Kater (New Age)

Performance Caregories: - Edu Vico (Best Production) - Bei Bei & Shawn lee (Best Instrumentalist) - Marko Komonko, Nataliya Martynova & Dmytro Nikolaev (Best Instrumentalist) - Shitalchandra Kulkarni (Best Instrumentalist) - Karen Luna (Best Vocalist) - Whitney Tai (Best Vocalist)

InterContinental Music Awards is the most cultural and inclusive music awards in Los Angeles and over the past decade recognized music talents from different countries (From East Asia to Mediterranean Rim, Africa, Europe, North and South America) and had rewarded them with exquisite prizes, from producing high-quality music for them and taking them on the big stages in front of thousands of audiences, to educating and mentoring artists on how to take their careers to the next level!

The power and effect of communication in today’s world is significant. Therefore ICMA is aiming higher by giving opportunities to those who are outside of the U.S., who have less access to the business side of music world, by establishing DIY Music School to offers high quality mentorships and education on how independent musicians should promote their music and grow their career.

ICMA winners and nominees receive scholarships to DIY Music School alongside other career enhancing prizes!

InterContinental Music Awards 2022 Early bird submissions are now open and accept music tracks from musicians all around the globe! To learn more please visit:

Shahed Mohseni InterContinental Music Awards Visit us on social media: Facebook

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