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On 31st March 2022, our team organized an event called “Todak Revival & Todak Agent Launch”. This revival means the resurgence of TODAK from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and TODAK’s movement from the pandemic phase to the endemic phase. In addition, this event takes place with the aim to launch an official event with the agent and welcoming them to be part of the TODAK family. Indirectly, this event is also organized to promote the latest products from Todak.


On 26th March 2022, there was a press conference for Todak X K-Clique which showcased the collaboration between Todak and K-Clique located at The Bee, Publika. The collaboration between Todak X K-Clique has successfully created a new product headgear as well as a new song called ‘Sustento’. With "Sustento," Todak Music has this time produced something distinctive by incorporating the concept of a "old school street rapper," which radiates a distinct and powerful vibe.


‘Todak Music And Friends(TMAF)’ concert is a revolutionized live music performance from Malaysian talented artists that took place at Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC), Petaling Jaya on 5th February 2022. This concert features artists under Todak Music which are Shiha Zikir, Fadh Majid, Razak A’ai, and Dina Nasz. During the event, there are also several invited artists that participated in performing at the TMAF concert which are Kay Khydir, Bunga, Muzza, Luqman Podolski and Gerhana Skacinta.


The collaboration of Todak and a hip-hop group, K-Clique was officially formed in April 2021 located at Kotak Hitam, Setia Alam. The alliance was made for a big project which was the launching of streetwear and K-Clique has been chosen to become the face for Todak. Moreover, the collaboration has been created with Todak Music to release songs and produce music videos with the aim to bring diversity to digital streaming platforms. Furthermore, the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was made with the goals to bring the name of both brands towards the international stage effectively.


A press conference for Kaka Azraff, a Warner Music Malaysia artist, and her new single, Janjiku, was held on April 1 2021, at Kotak Hitam in Setia Alam. We have equipped the event room with excellent amenities including an LED screen, a top-notch sound system, and lighting for the occasion.


Todak Music and Warner Music Malaysia have reached a virtual signing ceremony agreement for a hybrid approach through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony on 1 st March 2021, with the intention of expanding the streaming services for music from Todak Music. Todak Music thinks that the alliance will enable it to develop the leading offering for Malaysia's entertainment sector both locally and internationally. The event also shares the formal partnership between Todak Music and Warner Music Malaysia in regards to the promotion, sale, and royalties for Todak Music artists.


Kotak Hitam has managed to set up a singing competition event called Muzik Muzik 35 Open Stage which was organized by TV3. Our team came up with the greatest quality and event space to guarantee the event's success. To record the event, we offer a substantial setup, including a stage, drum set, powerful lighting, and cameras. Dina Nasz, one of our newest entertainment artists, was able to take home the top prize at Open Stage Muzik Muzik 35. 


An exciting dance battle competition has been organized at Kotak Hitam, Setia Alam on 15 August 2020 where all 32 breakers are assembled for a dance battle. Due to the event’s success in gaining notice, we have decided to make it as a live streaming event specially for fans of breakers which can be streamed on Youtube and Facebook. During the event, our team accommodated our client’s request by setting up a dance floor and stage for judges during the event. The event was powered by Nanostix, Redbull and Penari Kuala Lumpur & Selangor club, hosted by Alam from Wakaka Crew, and the judges were Shun Flava, Wan Wakaka, and Zen GBC.


The largest event that our team has managed was a festival centered on the "rock" genre that was hosted at Kotak Hitam and organized by Kentang Hijau Production. We set up LED screens at the entrance as well as booths for sponsors and vendors, and the event is completely filled with chairs for the crowd that attends the concert from the outside area. With the large space at Kotak Hitam, we hope to give our clients the best service possible.


Tempatan Fest is an annual event that brings together local brands to promote creativity and lifestyle. The campaign encourages people to buy local brand products in the aim of further empowering local creative enterprises in industries like design, music, fashion, and culture. Todak Music has included our own artists which are Shiha Zikir, Fadh Majid and Razak A’ai to perform on the Tempatan Stage.

Todak has also organized a fashion show to demonstrate and sell our own brand's lifestyle clothing to the community. We hope that we will be able to participate in these kinds of events in the near future to help promote local brands and improve the local economy.


An event known as ‘The Culture’ took place in July 2019 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium which invited the youth community to gather and celebrate the music festival and activities involving Graffiti, Basketball, BMX bike show by KayuhBMX and concerts by live local singers. E-Sports enthusiasts are also in attendance at Todak booth as we provide free PS4 games and To-gather Island game trials. Booth is also available to attract teenagers to support and get the limited edition collection for sale.


Our team has been involved in an official car show and drive tribute for the late Fast & Furious megastar, Paul Walker. The event was held at Pangkalan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. This event is one of the baby steps to go further in the motoring field as well as towards the international arena. The program organized by Retro Havoc Malaysia and Reach Out World Wide (ROWW) with the cooperation from Todak Racing is dedicated in remembrance of the late Paul Walker.


During the event, there are various activities such as car and motorcycle shows, product selling, the introduction of international racers as well as performance from Todak Music’s artists, Shiha Zikir and Razak A’ai.

todak x bigo star

Todak X Bigo Star is an event that has garnered an enormous amount of views with more than 5,000 audience members during the live session at Kotak Hitam. Since the social media platform's launch in 2016, the Bigo Live talent competition has never received as many views as it did during the event. The vision and mission of TODAK X BIGO STAR is not only to find descendants for singers, but also wants to change the perception and to shape the community’s thoughts towards Bigo Live community in a more positive direction.


Todak Motorsport is a community that has been rebranded from Todak Racing. The president of Todak Motorsports, Mohamad Hafiz, believes that the company would focus more on uniting a range of motorsports under one body during the pre-launching of Todak Motorsport, which is based in Kotak Hitam, Setia Alam. The main goal of the community is to enliven Malaysia's sports arena, specifically for motorsport. The event shares the hope to receive cooperation from communities that are interested to collaborate under the same mission which is to improve the national motorsport.


Todak has collaborated with Telekom Malaysia (TM) for Khabar Baik Festival 2019 for two days consecutively at MMU Cyberjaya. The collaboration has given exposure to activities of the gaming community. The occasion has also highlighted a newly launched game known as ‘To-Gather Island’ officially established by Todak for the community to experience. There are also games such as FIFA 2019 and Racing Simulator provided to enliven the festival. Not only focusing on gaming activities, the festival has also led Todak Culture to sell their own products such as shirts, hats and gaming peripherals.


In 2019, Local eSports team Todak solidified their position as one of the top three teams in the world in the mobile game during the illustrious Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) M1 World Championship. Due to the accomplishment, Todak has managed to win a monetary reward of USD20,000 (or RM83,536) for their performance. During the playoff, Todak won a thrilling 2-1 series over 10second Gaming+ which led the game to be the best matchup of the tournament.

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